Super intense music from those who are in the know.

Above usual routines, towards new heights and rituals.

Beyond genres, leaning towards musical mutation and social evolution.

Involvement, interpretation, and insight.

Layers Remixes EP


A new EP from the Khalab’s univers with amazing reworks by Clap! Clap!, DJ Knuf, Admiral and Beirut Beats!



After two years and a half, Pietro Santangelo (formerly Nu Genea sax player) and his PS5 ensemble are back to Hyperjazz Records with a brand new album: Echologia.

Hyperituals Vol. 2

curated by Khalab

Woke rhythms and high-spirited grooves from the vaults of two seminal Italian jazz labels, between the 70s and 80s. Intensely curated by Khalab.
No digital, only vinyl!

No Signal

Sidney Janie

Absolute debut for the young and very talented Sidney Janie. The harmonious and rhythmic 4-track EP crosses melody, harmony, and grooves winking to the UK neo-soul and contemporary pop. Hyper-jazzy vibes!



HIC. (strictly with the dot) are Francesco Fratini (trumpet), Nicola Guida (keys), and Fabio Sasso (drums) – three of the best young musicians in the Italian jazz scene nowadays.

FLAC! Vol. 2


Four instrumental tracks that essentially could be classified as footwork bangers but they also contain many other influences from jazz, soul and R’n’B, funk, and even punk and Brazilian music.

Solitario Solidale

Adriano Viterbini

Acclaimed guitarist and composer Adriano Viterbini makes his debut on Hyperjazz Records: ‘Solitario Solidale’ is his new work, a cathartic sonic ritual that conjures up evocative and striking atmospheres from an imaginary nonplace, a desert without geographical coordinates.
Distributed exclusively in digital (audio and video format)!

Hyperituals Vol. 1

curated by Khalab

Woke rhythms and high-spirited grooves from the vaults of two seminal Italian jazz labels, between the 70s and 80s. Intensely curated by Khalab.
No digital, only vinyl!


Go Dugong

Go Dugong is back on Hyperjazz Records! The new album ‘Meridies’ is the result of his ongoing investigative work into traditional Apulian music from the south of Italy, inspired by his hometown, Taranto, and the phenomenon of the Tarantella – started with TRNT (2019, Hyperjazz).

Studio Session


Phresoul went into the vast world of sampling – involving the deejay and scratcher TJ Scratchavite – and they tried to recreate a hybrid synthesis of analog and digital grooves. RAW sound!

Unconscious Collective


‘Unconscious Collective’ is the first album by PS5 – the new ensemble led by Pietro Santangelo (Nu Genea, Slivovitz, Fitness Forever). An imaginary round trip across the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean that ideally connects Naples with North Africa and Latin America.

Mixtape Vol. 1


‘Mixtape vol. I’ is an instrumental beat collection that outlines a new chapter in Trrmà’s creative process. It blends together hip-hop attitude, Detroit techno synthesis, and what we call ‘hyperjazz’.

My Life

DJ Knuf

Teaming up with the hyperbolic NY duo The Illustrious Blacks, DJ KNUF cranked out a vigorous ode to life.

If You Say You Are From This Planet, Why Do You Treat It Like You Do?

Astral Travel

Inspired by the poetry of Sun Ra inscribed within the pages of the book “This Planet Is Doomed”, the music and lyrics focus on the current consciousness of the planet, raising questions and issues of humanity’s collective spiritual direction.

Fire And Sea


‘Fire And Sea’ is a tale about the Mediterranean people and their music. It’s a story about obsessive research on contaminations between Southern Italy rhythms and melodies and North African atmospheres.


Go Dugong

Hyperjazz’s sophomore release moves its focus to South Italy: interpretation and insight aligned to the label’s own roots. ‘TRNT’ is the first attempt at reworking the Tarantella tradition by Go Dugong.

The Word Was Made Phresh


Seven instrumental tracks, tight and essential, which bring into sharp focus the talent and versatility of one of the recent years’ most interesting groups in the jazz, hip-hop, and alternative-rock scenes.