Solitario Solidale Adriano Viterbini

Acclaimed guitarist and composer Adriano Viterbini makes his debut on Hyperjazz Records: ‘Solitario Solidale’ is his new work, a cathartic sonic ritual that conjures up evocative and striking atmospheres from an imaginary nonplace, a desert without geographical coordinates. A feeling of unreality, like a magical suspension of time.
Distributed exclusively in digital (audio and video format), ‘Solitario Solidale’ contains an original track (“Trash Of Europe”) and two tribute tracks dedicated to two phenomenal artists: the Ethiopian pianist Emhaoy Tsegue’-Maryam Guèbrou (“The Homeless Wanderer”) and the Detroit rocker Ted Lucas (“Plain & Sane & Simple Melody”).

Trash Of Europe, video directed by Donato Sansone

This EP has also really significant assets in its visual part. In fact, each track is accompanied by a video clip realized by some of the best Italian directors and videomakers of nowadays: Donato Sansone (“Trash Of Europe”), Dandaddy (“The Homeless Wanderer”), Paulonia Zumo (“Plain & Sane & Simple Melody”).

The Homeless Wanderer, video directed by Dandaddy

‘Solitario Solidale’ has taken shape from sonic experiments that Adriano Viterbini did in 2020 with the help of Marco Fasolo (I Hate My Village, Jennifer Gentle). Using an African ngoni (gifted to Adriano by the Ghanaian musician Mamah Diabate), a custom acoustic guitar, a bass and other instruments, the sound was filtered with projector amps, chip pedal effects, Whatsapp audio files and rawly recorded using a 90’s Korg cassette recorder.

Plain & Sane & Simple Melody, video directed by Paulonia Zumo

The name of the EP is explained directly by the words of the artist himself: “The name ‘Solitario Solidale’ is inspired by Albert Camus’ short story ‘Jonas, ou l’artiste au travail’ that I always read when I need a moment of consolation and reassurance”. 

Catalogue number: HJ993
Released May 6, 2022

Adriano Viterbini – guitars, ngoni, mute piano, bass, synth, mandolin, fuzz bass drones, percussion, voice
Corey Wilhelm – drums & percussion (Trash Of Europe)

Track n. 2 original author – Tsegue’-Maryam Guèbrou
Track n. 3 original author – Ted Lucas

Produced by Adriano Viterbini
Recorded by Marco Fasolo on Korg 4 tracks cassette tape
Mixed & Mastered by Marco Fasolo

Artwork by Franz Longhi