That’s My City / Extra DJ Knuf

DJ KNUF is the Rome-based producer and deejay Maurizio Bilancioni. This EP is the perfect outcome from the combination of his biggest passions: hip hop – and all its contaminations with jazz, soul, funk, and electronic music – and clubbing. Made with the collaboration of NYC’s MC and poet Malik Work (The Real Live Show), this is the first step of a larger work dedicated to the hip-house and its pioneers.
Hyperjazz Records & DJ Knuf are going to release more music, all dedicated to the genre born and raised in Chicago and New York between the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s. Dance floor killer tracks, a must-have for every record bag!

Catalogue number: HJ998
Released January 24, 2020

All tracks written and composed by Maurizio Bilancioni (DJ KNUF)
Lyrics on That’s My City and Extra by Malik Work