The Great Oxidation Khalab

As debut on his own label Hyperjazz Records, with ’The Great Oxidation’, electro-shaman Khalab comes back to his natural habitat: the dance floor. With these three instrumental tracks, the visionary artist aims to drive the listener on a backward journey, down to rediscover the most ancestral human rite: to dance. A return to the origin in a radical way to reach a brighter future, but also a bridge for another world – a new space where meet new life forms and uncover new feelings and new consciousness.

Neba, video by Carlito Dalceggio

With the locution “Great Oxidation Event” we usually refer to the first major mass extinction that has been known on Earth. Occurred around 2,5 billion years ago, it consisted in a huge rise in oxygen in the atmosphere and shallow oceans that radically changed the conditions for the life on our planet, enabling the subsequent development of multicellular life forms.

Catalogue number: HJ995
Released October 15, 2021

All tracks written by Khalab
Produced & arranged by Khalab
Mixed by DJ Knuf & Khalab at Studio 33, Rome
Mastered by BitBazar

Keyboards on ‘Olivine’ and ‘Neba’ by Nicola Guida
Synth and drums on ‘Anaerobe’ by Zachary Saginaw (Shigeto)

Artwork by Marco Klefisch
Layout & packaging by Gizzo