FLAC! Vol. 2 Fuck!LaCrème

Hyperjazz Records is in a constant state of musical progression and never stops exploring ever-changing languages. Welcoming in its family the fresh collective FUCK!LACRÈME, the Italian label continues its investigation of contemporary music’s frantic and unrestrained evolution.
In the Hyperjazz world, electronic experimentation clashes with the (close and distant) instrumental traditions, engendering new and evolved syntheses and hybridizations. This new work ‘FLAC! Vol. 2’ perfectly encapsulates the idea. These four instrumental tracks essentially could be classified as footwork bangers but they also contain many other influences from jazz, soul and R’n’B, funk, and even punk and Brazilian music.
All the collective’s members worked at their best following the common flow, experimenting with new ways of sampling and beat making. Passing from hand to hand – subjected to various editing, cutting, and distortion treatments – each track has had a unique and detailed creative development.
The final result is a collection of absolute dance-floor bangers!

Catalogue number: HJ992
Released June 24, 2022

Produced by FUCK!LACRÈME
Mixed by Francesco Crovetto
Master by BitBazar, Rome
Artwork by Another Studio