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With its ancient roots coming from the Mediterranean Sea as from the Middle East, Beirut is full of baffling contradictions and deep scars; its character blends the sophisticated and cosmopolitan with strong beliefs and sectarian divisions. As one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, it can be an overwhelming place, almost trapped in an eternal cycle of destruction and rebirth. A city known nowadays for its intense nightlife, where you are likely to hear Middle Eastern classical or folk music and global avant-garde trends.
Within this framework, Beirut Beats makes use of electronic synthesis as well as some acoustic instruments from the Mediterranean and Arabic folk traditions.
The distinctive sound of the buzuq – an instrument used by nomadic peoples throughout the Middle East – is easy to identify. The non-Western tuning and tonal division are weaved into urban futurism. The result synthesises the emotional experience of living the Lebanese capital, where the traditional Middle Eastern and North African rhythms are stylized to address the cutting-edge demands of contemporary and future Club Culture.

Catalogue number: HJ988
Released May 03, 2024

All tracks written, arranged and mastered by Beirut Beats