No Signal Sidney Janie

Contaminated by society’s ongoing evolution, Hyperjazz Records is in a constant state of musical progression and always looking for new interactive languages. The music by super-fresh and very young Sidney Janie perfectly matches HJ’s investigation of new synthesis and hybridization. Thought and written during the pandemic, this EP holds plenty of feelings that the artist, confined to the walls of her room, would have wanted to share with the shutdown world outside. Inspired by personal experiences and future aspirations, the lyrics – which mostly may seem straightforward at the first glance – by delving into the emotions, offer the possibility to discover a new way of connection and intimacy.
The harmonious and rhythmic 4-track EP crosses melody, harmony, and grooves winking to the UK neo-soul and contemporary pop. ‘No Signal’ is Sidney Janie’s absolute debut. First of many hyper-jazzy works by a hyper-talented artist.

Catalogue number: HJ991
Released November 25, 2022

All tracks are composed and arranged by Caterina Santeusanio (Sidney Janie)
Produced by Raffaele Costantino and Maurizio Bilancioni
Mixed by Maurizio Bilancioni
Master by BitBazar, Rome
Artwork by Gianluca Ruggiero