Studio Session Phresoul

Phresoul are back! After The World Was Made Phresh (2019), Hyperjazz Records is now keen to present three new instrumental tracks by one of the most interesting bands in the actual music scene. Unusually for the label, this work is a video shooting recorded in Fattorie Acustiche Studio, Reggio Emilia. A new format that blends music, video, and the real act/art of “doing music”.

‘Brazilian Nightmare’, ‘Arnold’, and ‘A16’ are three instrumental tracks that perfectly embody the desire for exploration and never-ending evolution of the Italian duo. This time, Phresoul went into the vast world of sampling – involving the deejay and scratcher TJ Scratchavite – and they tried to recreate a hybrid synthesis of analog and digital grooves. ‘Phresoul | Studio Session’ is a sort of limbo, which perfectly reflects Hyperjazz’s intentions to define a new way of conceiving rhythmic music in the current times.

Catalogue number: HJ006
Released: July 23, 2021

Enrico Truzzi: drums
David Paulis: bass and synth bass
Lorenzo Faglioni: scratch
Video Shooting: Luca Moretti, Matteo Bigi
Editing: Luca Moretti