TRNT Go Dugong

Hyperjazz’s sophomore release moves its focus to South Italy: interpretation and insight aligned to the label’s own roots. ‘TRNT’ is the first attempt at reworking the Tarantella tradition by Go Dugong.
‘TRNT’ is a collection of tunes inspired by his hometown, Taranto. The tracks are Salinella, Tamburi, ILVA, and Lama, named after some of the places, be they villages or neighborhoods, that were part of his youth down there. The contexts are made of wildly beautiful seascapes, and social architecture, but also high pollution caused by the exploitive steel industry close by. Beauty mixed with bad health. This long trip, which started years ago, today has brought him back to his homeland, to re-elaborate and synthesize memories, images, and tales from his fellow countrymen and women. 

What is Tarantella? Tarantella is a popular, magical dance and music from South Italy, that in ancient times was related to the ritual of exorcising hysterical people, mostly women, who were allegedly bitten by Tarantula spiders, scorpions, and snakes. Delirious people, named ‘tarantolati’ after the poisonous spider, underwent therapeutic rites and dances, that drew them into a trance, healing status. Tarantism-related hysteria was actually due to the socio-cultural oppression of women in South Italy, where this diagnosis and its cure originated within a machismo-dominated society. The bite of the Tarantula was indeed a scapegoat, used to justify what people did not want to understand at the time.

Catalogue number: HJ999
Released June 21, 2019

All tracks written and composed by Giulio Fonseca
All tracks mixed by Cristiano Crisci at Patchany Studio, Florence