DK Laamb / L’Urlo di Dakar

DK Laamb is an immersive, multimedia journey into the world of Senegalese wrestling, an ancient folk tradition turned big business. Every day laamb is practiced on Senegal’s sandy beaches and in its tranquil villages, all the way to Dakar’s multimillion dollar new stadium, mixing tradition with money, spirituality with sweat, sport, and hope. Through intense field recordings and collaboration with Senegalese artists, Khalab delved into the stories of laamb’s superstars and young hopefuls, weaving a synthetic work that brings together past and present, tradition and future.⁣

DK Laamb is a project commissioned by the Italian Cultural Institute of Dakar on the occasion of the Dakar Music Expo and in collaboration with Megan Iacobini de Fazio.


Video by Baay Mora Studio

At the same time, in a week of research and field investigations, the team covered thousands of km, between dusty and abandoned roads, and deadly metropolitan embouteillage. They recorded the sounds and voices of the protagonists, interviewing old champions, coaches, and young promises.

L’Urlo di Dakar is the original podcast (six episodes, in Italian) that tells all of this, but also much more.

A project by: Raffaele Costantino, Megan Iacobini De Fazio, and Marcello Giannangeli
Produced and made by: Hypercast, in collaboration with Hyperjazz
Post-production, editing, and sound design: Maurizio Bilancioni
Original score: Khalab